In light of the discussion that's started on Neutral Characters, this needs some love too. The issues:

  • It only has two options. Public and Secret. But that's just for people with an alias. Lex Luthor's identity is "public"... but that's not really right. I noticed Marvel has "No Dual Identity" as an option. Something we could do too?
  • So... one shot villain gets exposed at the end... does that make it "public"?
  • What of people who've been both? The Flashes were public for a long part of New Earth. Everyone knew Wally, Barry and Bart (at his funeral at least) and then it got retconned away. Also, listing Black Canary as public... she was outed during Brightest Day. She's been public 1 publication year (1,5 tops) of her career. Calling her identity public isn't really the right historical perspective. --Tupka217 00:27, May 23, 2014 (UTC)
  • "No Dual Identity" would be a nice add for the characters that don't use costumes or aliases. And Luthor is a deeper problem. Yes, he has no dual identity, but he has a "semi-secret" identity since the public is unaware of his full history and actions. Alfred is a similar case.
  • Do we get a real name with the reveal? By the same token, most costumed villains who have been handed over to the authorities - or Waller - really don't have secret IDs.
  • And that is the glorious cluster of "one page". The can be way too much history, some of it very contradictory, to allow the ID, alignment, marital status (face it Barry hits all of them), and "living/dead" categories to work right.
- Byfield (talk) 00:45, May 23, 2014 (UTC)