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Vartox was the champion of Valeron, a planet in Sombrero Galaxy, exactly as Superman is champion of Earth.

The murder of his wife's bionic (psychic) twin on Earth dooms the wife of alien super-hero Vartox. Vartox must now find a way to bring the killer to justice on his own world, despite the interference of Superman.[1]

Vartox feels his powers waning and sees Karb-Brak, the Andromedan living on Earth as a human, as his salvation. Unfortunately, his power causes Karb-Brak to succumb to his allergy again, and to attack Clark Kent.[2] Vartox's alien biology cures Karb-Brak of his illness, but Karb-Brak's virus causes Vartox to become a foe to Superman.[3]

When Vartox's planet, Valeron, explodes, the alien hero comes to Earth to live, and Superman gets him a job as security guard at WGBS. But Vartox soon learns that he may be the destruction of Earth, as well.[4] Vartox and Superman must find a way to counteract a deadly chain-reaction taking place within Earth's atmosphere, or the human race is doomed.[5]

Vartox has found another world upon which to be a super-hero, but discovers that the inhabitants are using him for nefarious purposes, and gets the aid of Superman, not knowing the Tynolans intend to sacrifice him to their god Moxumbra.[6]

Vartox returns to Earth to take Lana Lang as a bride after he gives her an aura that will allow her to breathe the atmosphere of his homeworld. But unknown to them, and to Superman, they are pawns in a revenge plot of Vartox's first lover.[7]

Vartox comes back to Earth, intent on resuming his relationship with Lana Lang--and is struck with a compulsion to destroy Superman.[8] Srakka, as Vartox, kidnaps Lana Lang, and Superman is unable to retrieve her.[9] Superman has a showdown fight with Srakka, the amoebic being inhabiting Vartox, for the life of Lana Lang.[10]


Vartox has such array of powers that it would be easier to say what powers he does not have, rather than what he has.

  • Unique Physiology: Somehow, Vartox became enhanced with "hyper-powers" which he uses for his heroic career.
  • Hyper-Charge: Vartox can create "hyper-charges" which are globes of energy. He can concentrate this energy to turn himself into living energy for long enough to knock out his opponent before returning to normal.
  • Hyper-Energy: Vartox can shape his hyper-energy into nets or bubbles.
  • Hyper-Density: Vartox can temporarily de-materialize solid matter so he can phase through it.
  • Hyper-Self: Vartox states that his hyper abilities stem from a "hyper-self" which lives within his body. This hyper-self can leave his body occasionally without his say so to enact his wishes.[7]
  • Hyper-Kinesis: Vartox can project waves of heat and cold from his hands to burn his target or freeze them in place.
  • Hyper-Senses: Vartox's senses are all enhanced to the point where nothing can block him out when he desires to see, or hear it.
  • Enhanced Vision: Vartox's x-ray vision can see through any substance, including lead.


  • Gadgetry: Vartox is an accomplished inventor.


  • Uncontrollable Power: Some Vartox powers can activate by themselves, driven by his own subconscious desires or deep emotion.[7]
  • Unluck: The form as his wife died and the destruction of his planet under almost unbelievable circumstances suggest that the fundamental forces of the universe act in some supernatural way against Vartox.[1][5]


  • Vartox's Jet Boots: Vartox uses special jet boots which he designed in order to help control his flight and to use offensively to expel a smokescreen, whose effects are unknown.[1]
  • Time Scanscope: Vartox's Scanscope allows him to use his precognition on a wider scale in order to watch over distant planets and see the past.[1]
  • This version of Vartox, including all history and corresponding appearances, was initially erased from existence following the collapse of the original Multiverse in the 1985–86 Crisis on Infinite Earths limited series. However the ending of Convergence retroactively prevented that collapse, saving all the alternate realities, though in an "evolved" form. Even though versions of the character may have since appeared, this information does not apply to those versions.