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Wonder Woman Villains

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The villains of Wonder Woman are a diverse bunch, and range from thieves and spies to monsters and gods. The majority of her foes are women, and the only "official" union, Villainy, Inc., is all-female, though Doctor Psycho has a long history of teaming up with other villains.

  • Queen Clea: am exiled queen from a minor Atlantean kingdom.
  • Doctor Poison: a Japanese princess and expert of toxicology. Her granddaughter later took over the mantle.
  • Blue Snowman: a woman in a snowman-suit that appears male.
  • Eviless: Queen of Saturn.
  • Giganta: a strongwoman, later granted the power to change her size at will.
  • Hypnota: a sideshow hypnotist.
  • Zara: Self-styled "priestess of the Crimson Flame", a former child-slave who set up a cult around her - faked - ability to wield flames.
  • Cyborgirl: the niece of Sarah Charles, a former drug addict who had most of her body replaced by cybernetics:
  • Jinx: primarily a Teen Titans villain, the Indian sorceress later joined the female villain-team.
  • Trinity: a virus bent on destruction.
  • Gods of Olympus: several Gods have, at one time or another, opposed and attempted to destroy Wonder Woman, though they may be portrayed as allies at an earlier (or later) point.
  • Ares: the God of War, Ares or Mars is one of Wonder Woman's oldest villains, and directly responsible for most of the Amazons' negative history. Over the years, he has empowered many others to become villains as well to stand against Wonder Woman.
  • Hades: the God of the Underworld, Hades or Pluto is usually portrayed as benevolent but neutral, though he has plotted against Wonder Woman as well.
  • Hera: In the New 52, Hera briefly opposed Wonder Woman as the Amazon princess was a bastard child of her husband Zeus.
  • First Born: In the New 52, the First Born was the nameless son of Zeus and Hera who tried to take over all of Olympus and eradicate all his fellow siblings for dominance.
  • Children of Ares: Ares sired many children (including Hippolyta), and several opposed Diana and the Amazons. The name itself is used for five boys who were born to Amazons through mysterious virgin births.
  • Deimos: the God of Terror
  • Phobos: the God of Fear
  • Eris: the Goddess of Strife and Discord
  • Lycus: a demigod who fought Cassie Sandsmark.
  • Thrax: a mighty warrior, the product of a brief relationship between Ares and Hippolyta.
  • Darkseid: Wonder Woman has battle Darkseid on numerous occasions. Recently, he and Grail have been killing gods to restore his power.

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Since most of Wonder Woman's enemies are gods and goddesses, they were famous long before she existed. The most famous of her non god enemies are Giganta and Cheetah, specifically, the Barbara Minerva version.

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